DM Resource Master List

These are the DM resources I use and love.

Reddit Resources
  • My Dnd Multireddit If you are not familiar with multireddits I find them really useful. A multireddit is like a custom font page with only selected subreddits. Mine currently includes the following:
    • Ask Game Masters A subreddit for asking newbie DM questions. Really helpful for understanding game mechanics and getting tips on improving your campaigns.
    • Character Drawing A subreddit for character drawing requests. People also just post character drawings they have done for their own games. I use this for NPC inspiration sometimes.
    • DnD A subreddit for anything DnD related. Not my favorite subreddit but sometimes there is useful information in there.
    • DnD Behind the Screen A subreddit for DM’s only. A lot of really useful information is included here. Tons of resources and searching the subreddit (use google not their internal search) gives a lot of really useful information when you have a question.
    • DnD Homebrew Lots of homebrew races, spells, anything really and can be useful for spicing up your game.
    • DnD Next A subreddit dedicated to 5e specifically. Their resources page is very helpful.
    • Dungeons And Dragons An alternative to DnD, pretty much the same concept.
    • Monster A Day A subreddit that posts a homebrew monster statblock with artwork every day.
    • Unearthed Arcana More homebrew items, classes, subclasses, etc.
  • Inspiration Multireddit I’m not going to list all of these. Suffice to say: Look at all the pretty pictures of monsters and places and characters!
City Generators
  • Kobold Fight Club encounter builder  This is fairly self explanatory. A really easy to use encounter builder that takes a lot of the pain out of building standard encounters. The color coded system makes my life significantly easier and this resource is great for generating encounters on the fly.
  • Mathe Magician This city generator is my favorite. Select the size, population percentages and it will give you stores, inns(complete with menus and regulars), a town guard and it will populate the city with NPCs. These NPCs come with their name, race, sex, class, level, rank, and two basic things about them.The only downside to this resource is that you cannot export it and it does not save your generation. I will often copy and past the info out and save it as a word document. I’ve found the best use of this to be for on the fly generation of small towns or hamlets. Just make note of the important parts like NPCS, store names, etc.
  • Myth-Weavers This one isn’t bad, though it is outdated. The NPC data is generated for 3.5. This generator does not generate stores with employees and traits but does a decent job of filling out a towns NPCs as long as you can put in the work to update their stats for 5e and flesh out the rest of the town.
Wizard's Resources

Wizards is a pretty good place to go for resources as well.

  • Editable PDF Character Sheets I recommend using the DnD_5E_CharacterSheet – Form Fillable.pdf character sheet. It is the best option of those they have provided. I personally fill in all the information that doesn’t change as you play. For instance, I leave the money section blank and pencil it in once I have it printed. Since I print new sheets for my players when they level I don’t worry about writing in those items that can/will change.
  • Completed Character Sheets A lot of prebuilt character sheets for different classes up to level 10 can be helpful for creating NPCs. I usually don’t use them exactly as they come but it is much easier to edit from a base than fill it in entirely.
  • Basic Rules Resources These are super helpful for both players and DMs. Plus it is searchable and more potable than the books themselves. Obviously these resources are not a replacement for the books but it is much easier to find the chart you are looking for.
Name Generators

I have found name generators really helpful for both people and places. These are some of the ones I use regularly.

  • Fantasy Name Generators I’ve found this site to be pretty hit or miss. A lot of the suggested names, especially for places are pretty corny and stereotypical. There are a few gems in there if you’re ok with reloading over and over to find them.
  • Mithril and Mages Natural Terrain Features This site was fantasitc for generating natural terrain feature names such as rivers, forests and more specific features like channels.  Their site has a bunch of other generators that I haven’t used but would recommend checking them out here.
  • Place Name Generator A simple and easy to use place name generator. Most of these names are two words jammed together to create a name but many of them are pretty good.
  • Wizard’s Character Name Generator My players really liked this one. Input some information based on your own name, characters race, etc and get a name and sometimes a title as well. The names are limited in quantity but the quality is pretty good.
  • Behind the Name Random Name Generator Not specific to the fantasy genre but a very full fledged name generator. I have used this extensively for finding interesting sounding names that still sound realistic.

Not strictly a name generator but interesting none the less

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