PG Session 3: Rub a dub dub in a pretty hot…springs?

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The Five-Flower Lake in China-Aerial view
Image by bestourism on their website

We open walking into the town of Green Stone. A beautiful town sheltered in the Moss Mountains; called so for the thick (1′ thick) moss that coats the mountains. This moss is kept alive by the large system of cave hot springs which keeps these mountains nicely warm.

The town sits between the mountains a large lake for which the town is named. The lake itself is crystal clear with beautiful green tinged stones on the bottom.

This town is both along the major trade route from Hailing cove and Maidbow, and is a major vacation destination for both the rich and the poor. A large variety of inns with varying degrees of fancy.

Our group made directly for the Flying horseman, urged by the puncture wounds in their sides to discover what was happening to them and why.

  • Enter the adventurers
    • The crew entered the Flying horseman in small groups and each acquired a room for the night.
    • The group checked out the hot springs and had all their aches and pains disappear. They did not see anything suspicious there.
    • They had the spider investigate the kitchen and the inn quarters.
  • Breaking and entering
    • Crew picked the lock to the inn-keeps quarters, opened the door to the inn-keeps space; They gained a leather bound book with financial summaries, 50 gold, and a secret ledger.
    • They entered the Barmaids room and found a set of bar-maid clothing, and a diary in a locked chest.
    • The final room could not be unlocked successfully.  Marmon created a distraction while Clad opened the door with his war-hammer.
    • In final room of an unidentified hefty woman Clad acquired peasant woman’s clothes and they found a small amount of gold.
    • The group returned to Crew’s room to plan.
  • And then the night began to fall
    • The group elected to wait until the inn closed to see who the occupants were of the inn-keeps cabin.
    • During their time waiting an elvin woman and a halfling went to the springs and did not return.
    • Once the inn closed, a human man headed out to the springs while the barkeep and a bar-maid cleaned the area.
    • Clad and Crew distracted the guard while the rest of the party entered the inn-keeps quarters to scale down from the window.
    • Clad and Crew headed towards the springs.
  • Late night bath time
    • Entering the springs they noticed two locked chests of gear in the men’s chest room.
    • Circling most of the springs they find Vince the human.
    • Clad and Crew seriously creep him out.
    • They find one chest remains locked in the ladies changing rooms and when heading to get their lockpick set, hear loud splashing.
    • They manage to see the person in front of

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