The City of MaidBow

Let me introduce the vibrant city of Maidbow. This map was created entirely in Photoshop.

Maidbow, the seat of master craftsman in Estryae, is one of the wealthiest cities in the land. The Moss Mountains are rich in gems, precious metals and rare plants. The mountains are heated from within by hot springs creating a tropical climate within the valley. The valley, which shares the name of the city, is draped with verdant forests and the mountains blanketed with a thick moss only found in this area. Legends say the great fire demon Preimor’s heart, ripped from the beasts chest by the great Maiden was so powerful that it still heats the springs.

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Estryae Map Progress

I recently began 2 Dnd 5e campaigns which take place in the same universe of Estryae. I wanted to create a diverse overland map to help situate my players and help build the story I was beginning to create.

To begin with I hand drafted a map with pencil and photographed that map. I made some minor edits to the brightness and contrast to make the lines easier for me to see. Continue reading Estryae Map Progress