Estryae Map Progress Continues

I’ve continued working on my massive overland map project, Estryae. See the previous progress post here.

Estryae Pogress 3

The biggest thing here was the name updates. It’s still looking bare to the west and south.


The first thing I added was this border. I like that it is sort of reminiscent of little owl faces.

I fleshed out the key here. Some of these items may change I’m not sure yet. The fields are still feeling pretty bare since the last post and I need a lot work on the southern portion of the map. A lot of the lettering and roads need to be filled in and the desert is looking a bit bare in the west.


You can see here I’ve added a bunch more names. The south is looking much more full with the Swamp and I’ve fleshed out some areas more adding grass and other small details. My desert is looking much better now with some dunes but it still needs some work.

Almost everything has a name and this is at a state where I would be happy to call it finished if I wasn’t so nit-picky.

See the finished product here.

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