DM Resources: Herbalism and Alchemy

This fan-made supplement by Dalagrath is not only beautifully laid out it is also fantastically well documented.

My players have been asking about crafting their own potions and poisons for a while and the books don’t give much guidance on this topic.

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The Find Familiar Spell Packet

Two of my players are wizards and have a tendency to change their familiar to suit the situation quite often. I found looking up stats in the monster manual and rereading the spells description time-consuming and worst of all it brought everyone out of the game.

To alleviate this I put together a printable packet for my players on the spell and all possible forms the familiar could take.

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Meta: DM Resources Page

I just added a DM resources page! I have listed out and linked to a multitude of resources I use regularly.  I have plans of adding additional resources as I find them as well as uploading some of the resources I made for myself.

If you think I’ve missed an amazing resource let me know in the comments!