DM Resources: Herbalism and Alchemy

This fan-made supplement by Dalagrath is not only beautifully laid out it is also fantastically well documented.

My players have been asking about crafting their own potions and poisons for a while and the books don’t give much guidance on this topic.

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The Find Familiar Spell Packet

Two of my players are wizards and have a tendency to change their familiar to suit the situation quite often. I found looking up stats in the monster manual and rereading the spells description time-consuming and worst of all it brought everyone out of the game.

To alleviate this I put together a printable packet for my players on the spell and all possible forms the familiar could take.

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BHB Session 5 & 6: More like Unpleasant Tome

The Pleasant Tome is a quaint bookshop on Merchants row in Haling Cove.

  • The Adventurous Camel
    • Chipper Ella informs the group that spies investigated the information gathered in Session 4.
    • Found a place they feel is involved: The pleasant tome
  • The Pleasant Tome
    • Halfling bookseller greets them as they enter.
    • Party splits, Gideon distracting the bookseller while the others explore upstairs. Nothing of note discovered.
    • Using Thaumaturgy, Elunir, creates the sounds of crashing books on the third floor.
    • Gaiixaus leaves the shop via the door. Rest of the group heads into the suspicious basement. Gideon acquires coded personal letters.
    • Pika discovers a secret door and how to use it.
    • Gaiixaus re-enters shop, Elunir casts Thaumaturgy again creating ghost whispers upstairs. Gaiixaus fakes leaving as the shop keep goes upstairs and then enters into the trap door.
  • The Cave Chambers
    • A cave opens behind the secret door.
    • Discover barrels and an herbal smelling chest. (Green liquid, Black liquid moving on its own, oil slick globules floating in water)
    • Encounter a tough fighter and kill him.
    • Fought 6 thugs from high ground. Killed all but one and gained information on shift changes and a keyring with 9 keys. Then killed him.
    • Discovered 9 small cages with passed out humanoids inside and a cave path continuing further.
  • The Grotto
    • Encountered 2 Water Hags, Gideon was frightened to death by one hag.
    • Discovered an underwater passage. Elunir explored and faught 3 giant crabs.
    • On the other side Elunir discovered a lost pirate treasure which contained gold, a trident of fish commands, a cloak of elvinkind and a three chambered amulet with a symbol that matched Elunir’s indecipherable treasure map.
    • Discovered water path leading to the harbor and a row boat on shore.
  • Lying in wait
    • Removed the passed out  people from the cages and into the rowboat. Elunir takes them to a safe distance and watches over them.
    • Group lies in wait for next shift and kills them all. Giixaus uses 5 charges on his gem of brightness to blind them.
  • Interrogating the Bookseller
    • Return upstairs, attempt to zone of truth the bookseller and fail.
    • Intimidate the bookseller into giving the following information:
      • The bookseller is not fully aware of what they do to the people or what the barrels are.
      • The bookseller is terrified of telling them who is responsible.
      • The bookseller would lose his shop entirely if he did not do this (and maybe his life)
      • The bookseller has not met whoever is in charge in person.
    • Unsure of what to do the party contacts Ella and brings her to the shop. Ella retrieves vials of the liquids for testing.
    • The group elects to spare the bookseller because he doesn’t seem evil. Ella confirms she can get him out of the city secretly without problem. Ella and the bookseller leave.

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Meta: DM Resources Page

I just added a DM resources page! I have listed out and linked to a multitude of resources I use regularly.  I have plans of adding additional resources as I find them as well as uploading some of the resources I made for myself.

If you think I’ve missed an amazing resource let me know in the comments!


BHB Level 3: Gideon T. Buttz

Wood Elf

Young Gideon lived an idyllic childhood until Ugrak, and Orc warlord, and his horde turned their eyes to his village. They were all slaughtered and Gideon, the lone survivor,  was saved by a wandering human ranger.

The ranger, Ilbert Phoenixpelt, took Gideon in and  trained him as an apprentice.  They spent the next 50 years in the forest as Ilbert grew into an elderly man learning and hunting. Goblins found Ilbert a much easier target in his less than virile state leaving Gideon to discover his brutally murdered corpse.

Completely focused Gideon used the skills Ilbert had taught him to track and kill the leader of the goblin tribe responsible for his mentor’s death. Once he had finished this task, he wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself. Returning home to the forest he had shared with Ilbert seemed somehow wrong without him there.

And so without too much thought Gideon jumped at the chance to accompany his friend Pika on a journey for self improvement and perhaps a bit of revenge. Mostly he worried that Pika would get himself killed right away without him.

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