Estryae Map Progress

I recently began 2 Dnd 5e campaigns which take place in the same universe of Estryae. I wanted to create a diverse overland map to help situate my players and help build the story I was beginning to create.

To begin with I hand drafted a map with pencil and photographed that map. I made some minor edits to the brightness and contrast to make the lines easier for me to see.

handdrawnforsiteI used this photo as the background layer for my Photoshop map. Creating layers above this base I filled in the land mass with a nice soft green, the ocean with a dark blue, and began tracing the coastline. I use a Wacom tablet but this could be accomplished with some gumption and a mouse if necessary.  I traced my forest outlines, plopped in some rivers, added a basic texture the ocean and filled in those forests. Below you can see some of the forests have been shaded and some have not.

Estryae Pogress 2

At this point I continued adding a bunch of cities, more detail and coloring to a lot of areas and began planning a bit more intensely. I worked a little bit on labeling but had a lot of trouble settling on fonts.


I should have some update posts coming on this map in the next few days. I have been working on adding a lot more to this recently.

See the continued progress here.

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