The City of MaidBow

Let me introduce the vibrant city of Maidbow. This map was created entirely in Photoshop.

Maidbow, the seat of master craftsman in Estryae, is one of the wealthiest cities in the land. The Moss Mountains are rich in gems, precious metals and rare plants. The mountains are heated from within by hot springs creating a tropical climate within the valley. The valley, which shares the name of the city, is draped with verdant forests and the mountains blanketed with a thick moss only found in this area. Legends say the great fire demon Preimor’s heart, ripped from the beasts chest by the great Maiden was so powerful that it still heats the springs.


Much of the city is dedicated to the Maiden statues in her honor sit in several squares, art depicting her legend, and every fall, when the weather outside the valley grows cold, the city celebrates the Maiden’s gift with plays depicting her story and a city wide feast to toast her name.

The presence of these gem-rich mountains and growth of so many rare herbs attracted a great many master artisans and master healers to the area. With them apprentices and hopeful apprentices are commonly found in the city. Every year at the beginning of the winter months the city holds a graduation ceremony of the apprentices and a selection of the new. The whole city celebrates the success of the graduates, and the prospect of success for the selected.

Watching over the city, Cliff-Top castle sits. Carved into and built upon the mountains cliffs it is a impressive city that had never been conquered. Much like the valley itself the castle is heated by a system of pipes within its walls.

Queen Leliana the merciful is much beloved by her people. Descended from the Maiden of old her and her ancestors help up the cities values of peace, generosity, and knowledge. The maidens of the Queen’s guard are almost as famous as the Queen herself. Known as the best archers in the land, trained from childhood with utmost dedication. The girls are selected by the head Maidens from orphaned girls of all species and origins.


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