PG Sessions 1&2: Tower of not so good feelings

The cast spent the majority of our first session creating their characters and learning 5e.  Here is our cast:

PG Family Potrait

  • Crulamen “Crew” Gemuiper, the hill dwarf, charlatan,  rogue
  • Marmon Juggsword, the wood elf, outlander, ranger
  • Jam’Kul “The arcane librarian,” the high elf, sage, wizard
  • Zed, the Halfling, acolyte, Monk
  • Clad Goldblugeon, the hill dawrf, acolyte , Cleric of Light

Note: Anything in bold was acquired by the players.

  • Prison Cells
    • Awoke in a prison, last memory is walking into the Flying Horseman inn.
    • Gain keys from guards.
    • Used, Belinda, to distract the guards and murdered them.
    • Found a scimitar, and a set of worn dice.
  • The Lab
    • Group heads down into lab. Finds all their gear, Clad finds patient notes, and basic medical supplies.
    • They discover several patients in varying stages of illness, locked in single cells and leave them there.
  • The tower
    • Fight 6 thugs and loot a small amount of gold off of them.
    • Continuing up the stairs fought a war hardened veteran and set his corpse on fire because reasons.
    • Continued up an additional floor to discover a small treasure trove gained gold, Cube of Force, Belt of Hill Giant Strength, and the Gem of Seeing. They also discovered an assortment of gems, and some artwork.

Escape from the Prison Dungeon

gilead prison cell by rusty001
Image by rusty001 on their Deviantart

Our campaign began with a groggy head awoken in a dingy, smelly cell. All of their weapons, gold and in the case of Crew, lock-picks. Our adventurers were separated into two cells, Jam and Crew in one; Clad, Zed and Marmon in the other. The cell between them was occupied by one dead man. The last memory they had was entering the Flying Horseman inn in Green Stone.

Crew discovered a small golden locket with family paintings of two halflings.

Clad kicked over a bathroom bucket out of frustration. The party removed the  bucket handle as a makeshift shank. Marmon used the shit covered bucket to bang on the bars, while yelling profanity.

A guard told them to shut the fuck up or they would regret it. Ad the guard turned to go Jim used Mage hand to grab the keys from the guards belt. Once the guard was out of sight they opened their cell and  sent our sneakiest of monks, Zed, to explore the prison. He discovered one fair haired woman and an old man. Neither noticed him in the beginning.

Once the whole group elected to explore they were noticed by the thin Belinda. She begged to be released, revealed that she was from a farming town south of there and wad heading to market with her brother.  She started to cry about he brother being gone and not coming back for a long time.

The group then after discussing the plan with Belinda, moved back into their cells and closed the cell doors. Belinda then gave a Wilhelm scream attracting the guards attention. One guard passed their cells as one of the guards passed by Crew exited his cell, and using the shit covered bucket handle tried to attack him. He got the handle stuck in the guards hood. As the other adventurers exited the cells or attacked with spells. Zed was dealing a lot of damage with his fists at this point.

The other guard entered combat at this point. Crew attempted to pull the first Guards feet out from under him and he failed miserably.  One guard was killed with a fire spell and the other with a freezing spell.

At this point they investigated the area a bit further and Marmon managed to take one of the guard’s scimitar.

After murdering the guards Clad unlocked and investigated the dead man further. Discovering that he was well fed, and had a multitude large needle punctures on the abdomen of varying ages.

They also investigated the old man. He appeared exceptionally old for an elf, had green tinged skin and could not talk, only nodding to their answers. They questioned him about what was wrong with him and whether he should be let out. The old man confirmed they should leave him locked up, and they did.

The Laboratory

Exploring the guards seating area revealed a small fireplace and a worn set of dice. In the room through  wooden door was a spiral stair going both up and down. From down the stairs pained groaning could be heard.

Out adventurers chose to head up and were greeted with the stairs meeting a  stone ceiling and a lever. The group opted to investigate the moaning before moving further up and discovered the horrifying lab.

On one table a lot of scientific equipment was set up with various fluids and mixing components. On the back walls were chalk boards covered in notes in Elvish. Though several members of the part speak elvish it was out of their depth to understand.

In one corner sat several large boilers, unlit, filled with liquid.

They also discovered a large pile of equipment and clothes. All gear was returned at this point and Crew managed to scrape together a farmers outfit from the pile of clothing.

In the final area of the lab they discovered a medical table with restraints. Next to this was a small table with  patient notes, a bone saw, two syringes of a green liquid, and basic medical supplies.

In small one person cells in this area there were several people stored. One human male cuffed to the ceiling of his cell was passed out. One human woman with dark skin and a dusky complexion was deep in fever dreams and sweating in her cell. A young halfing teenager was vomiting in his cell and gripping his stomach in pain. A cell in the corner contained a figured hunched down facing away from the party and was not investigated further.

The party headed back to where Belinda was waiting, led her downstairs to check that the human man was not her brother. She confirmed he wasn’t and followed them up staying always a floor below them cautiously.

Escape from the Tower

As they pulled the lever upstairs a secret door opens above them and opens into a circular tower. In this basement layer they do not find much of note.

Upstairs they could hear several voices chatting idly. Crew volunteered to sneak upstairs and peek around the corner. Crew climbed the step silently and mistaking being quiet and unnoticed for being friendly poked his head around and said “Hi!”

Taking some damage among themselves they went about murdering the guards. Zed killed two guards with a short-sword, punch maneuver impressing the party. Jam threw some impressive fireballs but none met their target. Marmon killed one guard with his bow and finished another off with his short-sword. Clad damaged several with magic.

One guard killed by Marmon was killed so completely that his brains sprouted out the back of his head onto the stove and sizzled. Several members of the party commented on how weird it was that it smelled pretty good.

Mamon and Zed came to an understanding that Marmon’s racism against halflings was unfounded.

The guards had several gemstones on them and a few assorted gold pieces. Continuing up the stairs the party discovers a hardened veteran. He tells them to return to their cells.

The veteran damaged several of the party but ultimately was killed by Jam’s fireball the damage of which was so great that his corpse caught on fire and remained so for a while.

The group headed up to the attic of the tower and discovered their missing gold, and several items of interest; the Cube of Force(attuned to Jam), the Belt of Hill Giant Strength(attuned to Clad) and the Gem of Seeing(Attuned to Marmon.)

The group from here exited the tower and found themselves on a main road. At this point Belinda split from the group and headed towards her home town.

Our group decided to travel towards Green Stone and they Flying Horseman inn. Along the way Clad checked himself for needle-marks and discovered a single needle mark on his left side. The others found similar punctures in the same area.

They camped on the road and attuned to their loot over night before continuing towards the beautiful town of Green Stone.

The adventure continues with Session 3: Rub a dub dub in a pretty hot…springs?

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